Below is a video that is going viral. So let’s talk about it. In the video there are some practical points made but for believers it comes from a wrong outlook. Yes he is right; it doesn’t make sense for the world to pick one social issue over the other, because the world doesn’t see sin. The world’s measurement of right and wrong changes by convenience or just by pushing to be more progressive. For the world there isn’t a fixed standard to measure life by. Even the rules and laws in place now are constantly being challenged.

As believers we don’t judge anyone. We love people. All people. Red, Yellow, Black, White, Adulterer, Homosexual, or Pedophile. We used to be in a world were adultery was looked down upon. Teenage pregnancies were a small number. Marriages were held together by commitment. Homosexuality wasn’t glorified for being the alternative. If we continue down this path, Pedophilia will be next. The same ideology works with both Homosexuality and Pedophilia. The reasoning is “how can you tell me who to love and how to love.” “I was born this way.” You see we were all born to sin, to rebel from God’s standard. This is why we now have the GOOD NEWS! JESUS! OUR REDEEMER. He alone can take what is broken, rebellious, or wounded and restore it. (more…)

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