You've got a suitNo doubt many of you have seen Avengers. Cool show, a lot of special effects, and a decent story line. Towards the end of the movie, right before the epic battle scene with the aliens, Cap says to Hawkeye, “Do you have a suit?” His response is “Yes,” then he says “Suit up?”  I love this scene because it is a “be the one” moment. Captain America is saying that we have a job to do, so get ready for the battle.

As believers, we can never forget the enemy is real and his goal is to steal, kill, and destroy. Ephesians 6:10-17 tells us to suit up if we are going to stand against our enemy. I remember as a kid, my church taught me a song about the armor of God. As I would sing it, there were motions that went with each part of the armor. Yet as I got older I realized how intentional one needs to be if they are going to be dressed for battle. Paul knew very well the spiritual battle we would face and reveals the importance of how we are dressed.  I’m confident that believers can take back ground that the enemy has stolen if we suit up.


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