In my current place in life I’m over run with toys that require batteries.  It seems like every time I turn around there’s another birthday, holiday, or special event.  It’s so entertaining to watch my kid’s faces as they open a present to see this super looking toy, so colorful and shiny.  It’s like the toy is screaming “PLAY WITH ME!”  But no matter how cool it looks, without batteries it can never live up to what it’s designed to be.  The batteries are the source that ACTIVATES the toy to reach its full potential.

The same is true with our spiritual life.  There’s no way we can live up to our potential without God as our source. It doesn’t matter how bright and shiny you look, or how great your talents are, you’ll never measure up without HIM.  God is the Activator!  Everything comes alive when you really know God.   He wants to ACTIVATE your spirit to: long for him, grow in him, and believe Him.   Why? Because there are so many crazy truths God is waiting to share with you.

Focus Point: Activate motionless Christianity by making God your source.


2 Responsesto “ Activate”
  1. murphey says:

    i love this

  2. Matt says:

    You telling me I need to stock up on batteries before I have kids? Great post man. I love the analogy.

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