In a world of many choices and not enough time, it is very easy to put God on the back burner.   It’s mind-blowing that some believers settle for a life of intention rather than one of commitment. This must change.  God has so much more for his people!

Tomorrow 12/15/10, I will be receiving my first copy of “Be the One.” This book will birth a desire to partner with God to see great things happen in our families, schools, communities and nation. “Be the One,” is challenging, encouraging, practical, easy to read, and convicting. The reason for posting this article is; I need your help.  I want to get this book into as many hands as possible.  Why?  Because it is time to awaken the remarkable potential that lies inside every believer.  Help me get the word out about “Be the One”! Talk to your friends, youth pastors, pastors, parents, FCA’s, FCS, YoungLife groups, K life groups, small groups. In a couple weeks, I will have the cover ready for all who want to post it on their social media sites.  Start writing about it on your statuses so the awareness of what God is about to do can come into focus.  Let’s change the world together.  You can make a difference!! I know you are busy, but what if…by your faithfulness God started a movement in hearts and minds all over the world.  Change is coming and I’m asking you to be a part of it.  I need your help!

“Be the One” will be released in three weeks…I’ll be back in touch with you soon.

To God be the glory,



One Responseto “ Be the one to make a differance.”
  1. Velie says:

    Go get your copy. This book will change your life. Steven Sexton God Given giftings and the way he writes will change the way you view your life. Be The One!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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One person, one decision, one opportunity, one message, one vision...

Awaken to the idea that you, yes you, can partner with God to do something exceptional. Christianity was never intended for only a few. The unique gift of Christ was to start the transformation that would lead to a movement. In those who the Truth rests, the responsibility to Be the One is undeniable.

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