I’m speaking for two session.  Can’t wait to hang out and tell young people about Jesus!

July 20th and 21st, 2010. For info on the church check out: www.//

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  1. with jesus christ anthing is possible, and he we always love you. so always pick the path that jesus has planed for you. also jesus is never 1st,2nd,3td, 4th,5thy, and so on… he is first.

  2. Jessica says:

    I just want to thank you for coming out to our Camp and speaking to us. I always look forward to listening to you speak at Unplugged and Life Growing Weekend and I listen to all of you pod-cast’s and have your book. You’ve touched my life in so many different ways that I can’t explain them all.

    I’ll never forget when you came to Unplugged last year and taught on The Cost and ever since that I’ve been talking to my friends who are also Christian’s yet they don’t really live up to what they should be doing. One friend I got rededicated and went out and bought her, her own bible which she now reads every night. Not only have you changed my life but you have help me help others.

    This year you help me get over a major fear in my life that I have allowed to hold me back for too long. Less than a year ago I had some family that had came down to visit from South Carolina and on their way home they where hit by a drunk driver going the wrong way down the interstate. One of my aunts died before they could get her to the hospital and my younger cousin received serious damage, but still recovered after several months. Ever since that I have to afraid to drive. So scared that I am now 17 and do not have my permit. But I am now determined to not just get my permit but my drivers licenses and stop letting fear have such a hold on my life.

    Loving & Seeking Him Always

  3. James Reynolds says:

    Hey Steven

    You really have helped me understand what I was doing wrong when you were talking using people as the sorce when we were supposed to use the bible as the sorce at camp unplugged. I finally allowed myself to listen and hear what God wanted me to know so thank you and God bless you Steven

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