Just finished Camp 1 of Brookhill and it was incredible on so many levels. We had so much fun. It was like Brookhill Ranch was covered with a blanket of smiles and laughter (maybe a few sunburns too).  On Thursday night we had over 75 kids give their heart to Christ. On Friday night many of the ones that were dealing with hurt, rejection, and brokenness received life changing ministry. During the closing ceremony that ended the camp session, I couldn’t help but  to be overtaken by the CONNECTION between the counselors and the campers.  What makes this CONNECTION?  What makes a camper say goodbye to their counselor and have tears streaming down their cheek?  The answer is Love!

That’s right, it isn’t the activities, jokes, or the fun schedule. It’s love.  Later that night I was driving to get some dinner with the fam, fam, I couldn’t help but to think how impact-full love really is.  Love breaks barriers, heals hearts, and encourages people to try again.  Yet with our fast paced lives seldom do we make the time to really connect with people.  If love is what draws people, helps people, and shows people Christ, then maybe it should be something we give more purposefully.  My encouragement to you is this:  Get connected!  Who are the people around you that God has set in your path to love?  How can you make a difference in their life?  As believers we house the love of God.  This love is not superficial or based on performance. It is based  on God’s decision to give His only Son to die for our sins.  The world needs to see His love in operation through us.  That is the real difference maker.  But the only way to give this love is to get connected into people’s lives.  Today, take a moment and make a plan to love and connect with those that God has put in your way.  And maybe there will come a time, when tears will stream down a face because of the impact you have made in their life.  Till next time….Steven


5 Responsesto “ Get connected”
  1. noel says:

    hey steve-
    i just cried reading this. praise the Lord for the healing and love in camp 1! i miss it a lot and miss the “fam fam” a lot too :)
    love, noel

  2. Niki M says:

    Great thoughts… very true!

  3. TannerWoodruff says:

    Just graduated week 3! By far my favorite experience so far and I’m taking the challenge!

  4. Verlie Lamb says:

    Men i miss those words that goes deep in the soul. Thanks for the encouragement.

  5. Sarah Etier says:

    Wow Steven, I just graduated camp 6 and I cried alot of the way home. This is some GOOD stuff! Love is so strong. It has been so powerful every year at Brookhill. Thats another reason I came every year after 3rd grade until I was too old to come. Love is SO powerful!

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