Have you very tried to plant something with the hopes that it would grow?  Yeah, me too!   A few years back I want to widen my front yard by removing some trees and putting down some grass seed so the kids could have more room to play.  I rented a dozer, brought in some top soil, got my rake out and went to work.  I worked for a solid week an everyday I’d wake up excepting by efforts to pay off.  Finally about two weeks went by and not much was happening.  I was starting to vent.  Why?  Why me?  What about my effort?  I started quoting scripture and doing research, only to find out that I had not been watering the seed.  I know how stupid, right?  Now I never professed to be a botanist, and I had to fight a little embarrassment because I knew plants needed water, I just didn’t think about it.

Many times this happens in our walk with Christ.  We just don’t think about it.  However, if you’ve made the profession of faith it’s your responsibility to grow.   You need to “add the water” of the word to grow your spiritual seed.  Cultivating your relationship with the Lord should be the most important event, task, and desire you have, only then will you have something worth giving.  All of God’s gifts, characteristics, and attributes are to insure a life of victory.  This victory is for you to share with others.   In Matt 19, Jesus gives us a huge assignment to teach and train others to follow Him!  In other words: cultivate, add the water and watch it grow!    This culture is thirsty for something real and it’s time for the Holy Ghosts filled believers to produce!

Focus point:  Where do I need to “add the water” and help cultivate something great for God?


One Responseto “ Cultivate”
  1. Addison Stadther says:

    Steven you have thought me so much about Christ and now I am saved. I wanted to thank you so much!

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