I love watching the NFL especially when the Cowboys are winning.  As I watch with excitement,  it is clear to me that the player’s abilities are on an elevated level.  Back in the day, I played some Jr. High ball and it was nothing worth watching.  I remember going out to practice and across the campus was the senior football team.  They looked like giants to this little seventh grade boy who weighed all of 95 lbs. When you think about it, there are so many levels of the game.  There’s pee wee, jr. high, high school, college, and the NFL.  All are football, but there’ a big difference in ability, productivity, and understanding.

Our Christian life has many levels as well. In fact, the bible says that “deep calls unto deep,” meaning you can get as much of God as you want.  Too many believers settle for a limited understand of God. God loves it when people get focused enough to elevate their commitment to Him.  This week don’t keep playing in the pee wee league of faith it’s time to grow, produce and elevate to the next level believer.   There’s no doubt athletes who play in the NFL are committed to the game.  How committed are you to becoming a better follower of Christ?

Focus point:  Elevate your game to a greater level than the current Christianity you practice.

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