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pastors, and culture changers. To learn more about the Be the One
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Pastor Tim Brooks
Pastor Of Christian Ministries and Founder of Applied Life Ministries.

 Working alongside Steven in the ministry for over fifteen years, I’m continually amazed at his wisdom and insight for people.  He truly has a revelation of what it is to “Be the One.”  This book is not only captivating, but life empowering.  It issues a challenge to the reader to step up, and answer the call on their life to “Be the One.”  God is more than ready to use you don’t wait another day!

JD Buckridge
Sales & Promotions at New Life Radio, Joplin, Mo

WOW! Steven Sexton TRULY embraces the opportunity to
empower a generation to BE THE ONE and to embrace their own
unique gifting’s. Not only will youth be inspired, but as a youth
minister for more than 14 years, I was challenged to BE THE
ONE myself with my own unique gifting’s and calling. HIGHLY
recommend this book to anyone needing a charge.

Darian Rains
Senior Pastor at Your Place Church in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma

Just had the opportunity to read the book “Be The One” By Steven
Sexton. Wow!! What a powerful and engaging read! I’m convinced
if every God-lover would look down on the inside of their heart, they
would connect with the powerful truth revealed in these pages. Its a
rallying call to all believers to stand up and fight for others. To step
outside your comfort zone and see that we can make a difference in
the lives of others. Great Read….Thanks Steven

Jason Laird
Youth Pastor at Healing Place Church, Baton Rouge, Louisiana

‎”Be the One” is one of those reads that causes you to get a little
uncomfortable in a very needed way. I love Steven’s in your face
style of writing that provokes the Spirit of God in you to abandon
complacent and passive thinking and wake up to the cause within
you. Its convicting, compelling, inspiring and at the same time
encouraging and I would recommend his book to every youth pastor
as a resource for stirring up the hearts of your leaders and young
people. A must read!

Pastor Thomas Buckley
Student Ministry Coordinator at Independent Assemblies, Yukon, Oklahoma

I just read this book, and would highly recommend this incredible
resource to every Youth Leader and Student! This book is a great
motivation for those that truly want momentum in their Christian
Life-style! Get this book, apply it, and MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

Chris Chambers
Youth Pastor at Oasis Church in Nashville, Tennessee

Hey, just wanted to say I love that you are calling this generation to
rise up right now and be the one. A timely powerful message for a
timely and powerful generation!

Steven Solomon
Freedom Life Church Youth Pastor, Natchitoches, Louisiana

I love this book. I’ve read through the first few chapters and its
awesome. This message is without a doubt something that this
generation of young people needs to hear. Can’t wait to finish it and
use it in my group of leaders.

Mark Gerner
Youth Pastor at Gethsemane Church, Evansville, Indiana

‎”Be the One” has reminded me of Keith Green’s messages: tough,
to the point, challenging, prophetic, but not without hope. It’s a
message that needs to not only be heard, but digested and acted
upon. Get it. Read it. Share it with your youth!

Paul Floyd
Associate Pastor at Living Word Church, Mansfield, Louisiana

I love books that challenge me, provoke my thinking, and leave a
deposit of truth in me. This is definitely one of those books. Great
job Steven. I will recommend this book to our staff and leadership.

Andrew-Andy Thomas
Youth Pastor at Life Point Church, Wichita, Kansas

I love this great truth from Pg. 37 of “Be The One”… “Obedience is
not always comfortable, but without it we never leave the category
of potential.”

Paul Kern
Associate Pastor at Christian Ministries Church & Administrator of Applied Life Ministries, Hot Springs, Arkansas

I just finished reading Steven Sexton’s book “Be The One”. As a
pastor and administrator for over 20 years I can highly recommend
the message Steven has for this generation. This book is definitely a
must read for every young person and I encourage every parent and
youth pastor to use this as a tool to transform the culture.
Steven has… shown us once again that God is looking for the willing,
not the waiting.

Hettie Lue Brooks
Founder of Brookhill Ranch Summer Camp, Christian Ministries Church , and Hettie Lue Brooks Ministries

I have known Steven for fifteen years and I have had the
privilege of seeing these things he has written about, manifest in his
own life. Oh how wonderful to know someone who actually
practices what he preaches. Steven has been “the one” in so many
avenues of life and the fruit he bears… remains.

This book can direct you, teach you and inspire you to be
a “difference maker” (as Steven calls it). Everyone longs to make a
difference—but often we lack the courage to “stand alone” and do
what’s right. This book will train you. Reading it is only the
beginning— Doing it will fulfill your longing to find your purpose in
life.  I’m proud of you, Sexton—may your efforts“make a difference” and
may the Church of Jesus Christ find her voice through this new generation you are

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