Just got done with Life Growing weekend.  The speakers were amazing, the ministry was phenomenal, and healing went forth.  Also, I’m stoked about all the new friendship that I made!  But as I sit in my office, the morning after, I can’t help but the wonder who will be the one to take the messages and build on them.   If we are going to take back this nation and evangelize the world then believers must rise up.  We can’t expect culture to like the message, even Jesus had resistance.  When Jesus was engaged in ministry there were many who didn’t believe, but that never stopped Him from finding the ones who where ready to make a change.  Don’t let the screams of the rebellious cause you to miss the ones who will get His message. We must delete the thought that church is the place where the lost hear about Jesus, BECAUSE IT ISN’T!  The lost needs to hear about Jesus from you!  It’s only after conversion that church is beneficial.  Because then you “go to get, not just to sit!!!”  All over the world weekend retreats, conferences, and camps are taking place….my thought today is “Will it matter?”  My hope is that it is the surge we need to get active!  Have a great week!


One Responseto “ Will it matter?”
  1. Kayla McWilliams says:

    That was really good!! I know in me it did make a difference that will last a life time:) Thanks so much:)

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