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Be the One Ministries is committed to starting a movement of believers who are ready and prepared to change this culture for Jesus. Although we have many avenues of ministry there is one in particular that we are focusing on. We are hosting our 2nd mission trip and it will be in the States!!! If you are a high school or college student, this trip is for you! Join young people from all over to serve, share, and care. This 9 day trip, June 26-July 5 and July 17-26, 2014, will help you Be the One.

What’s the Plan:

The first trip will be to Little Rock, AR, Branson, MO, and Kansas City, KS. The second trip will be to Hot Springs, AR, Texarkana, TX and Memphis, TN. We will be ministering at homeless shelters, low-income housing complexes, and orphanages. Also, we will be doing free car washes to promote an in-the-park carnival that we will be administrating and ministering at. This will be the most fulfilling 9 days of your life! Are you ready?

What’s the cost:

The cost of this outreach is $515.00. This covers all transportation, gas, food, sleeping arrangements. Also this covers the meals and give-a-ways that we will be preparing for those in need. Remember, Be the One Ministries is a 501c3 non-profit organization, so any donation money received with our name on it is tax-deductible. We have a sample support letter you can send out to bring in the funds needed.

Who is Coming?

Steven and Katie Sexton will be hosting the trip. The Be the One Team will be helping manage safety, schedules, details and personnel. We are hoping to take a team of twenty-five people committed to being the one outside the walls of the church. Talk to your friends because this would be a great way to serve together.


Be the One Ministries believes that in order to produce a “Be the One” mentally people must be given the opportunity to give, teach, lead, and serve. We believe this is a missing component for many young believers today. We see that James 2:17 says, “So you see, faith by itself isn’t enough. Unless it produces good deeds, it is dead and useless.” We can see also that in Mark 16:15, Jesus commands us to “go into all of the world to preach the Good News to everyone.” What better way to take a step into becoming a difference maker than to share Jesus to people who are in need in our own country? Not only will students get to participate in hands-on ministry, but also receive hands-on leadership training from Steven and Katie Sexton, and the Be the One Team by learning in “classrooms” consisting of street corners and children’s homes. We are excited for you to be a part in what God is doing.

How Can I Help Even If I Can’t Go?

If you’re unable to go this time, no worries. You can still help us! This is a huge project, and we want to do it with excellence. We are looking for business owners, people with means, and even young people to invest into helping others. We send countless dollars to foreign aid (which is awesome), but what about helping our people in our cities. Join us today! Will you help financially? Will you help us feed the hungry? Let’s do this together! DONATE NOW

What Other Information Can You Send Me?

After you register we will send you:

  • Location of where we are meeting in Hot Springs, AR
  • Sample support letter for you to send out for financial aid
  • Schedule of where we will be and when
  • Payment schedule

I’m going, now what?

Sweet! We are so excited!
1) Check your dates and make sure you are available.
2) Print off Form M101 for Trip #1 or Trip #2, fill it out and return it, and we will send you your information.
3) Send in the amount of $85.00 to secure your spot.
4) Start getting out your support letter.
5) We will be in touch!

Download M101 Forms Here:
Trip #1 (Little Rock, AR, Branson, MO, Kansas City, KS)
Trip #2 (Hot Springs, AR; Texarkana, TX; Memphis, TN)

Send payments in with Form M101 signed to:

Be the One Ministries
389 Low Peak Rd
Hot Springs Ar. 71909

Email: sydney@betheoneministries.com