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In a moment of reflection, I was overwhelmed with the greatness of God and how loving he has been to me.  I’m sitting around my quaint castle with not a care in the world.  Yes, I would like to have more, do more, and be more, but in this time in my life…I’m resting in the fact that God always gives my family more than enough.   Why?  Because He loves us (me).  And as a Father it’s His desire to give good gifts to all of His children.  It’s this unspeakable love that has put a desire in me to know Him more every year.  I’m going to move closer, my desire is to know the Lord on a greater level and this has been my commitment for the last couple of years.  What I’m describing is nothing more than transformation.

The change from an old nature to a new one happens the moment we accept Christ as Lord.  Of course, walking in and promoting this new nature takes a lifetime to master.  As we continue moving into more, never satisfied with our latest victory or how far we’ve come, it is then that our actions, responses, and decision making is done with the mindset of God.

How does more come?  Sometimes it comes because of personal study and time with Him, other times it happens because of adversity and challenges that cause us to focus intensely on Him for intervention.  Most of the time “more” comes for me when I choose to let him teach me in everyday life, like with my family, friends, and co-workers.  These are the times He graciously shows me what needs to be removed, inspected, and reworked, so that I can move into more. 

It’s so important for believers to continue their pursuit for more.  Don’t be satisfied with what you’ve had in the past.  Why?   Because, you’ll never grab for more if your hands are full of something else.  You were placed on this earth for a certain task, during a certain time, don’t waste it!  Get more understanding, more obedience, more anointing, more influence, and more humility.  There is no end to God and what He can show those who aren’t satisfied! 

I remember a few Christmas’ ago I had the pleasure of moving my mom to Texas,  the same exact time one year earlier I helped move my sister and her husband to California.  Both were very long and tiresome, but I was happy to help in anyway possible, that’s just what you do for family,  even if it means driving over 27 hours going 65 mph (ugh). 

A recent article I read estimated that “Americans move 11.7 times in their lifetime (Jan-Feb issue of utne, 2009).” It’s obvious that change is not that bad.  It’s just the reason behind the change that matters so much.  Most of us don’t mind moving.  In fact, some reading this article are having a tough time staying hooked up because there fighting the stir to move. You know the, I got to go or do something else feeling. 

What do you think when you hear the word “moving?”  I know it depends on why you’re moving, but stay with me, the word moving can bring about many different emotions.   On one hand, there is the excitement of a new home, new job, and meeting new people.  Maybe you’re the type, that just the mention of this word sends you into convulsions, because you immediately think about the pain of saying goodbye, the distance between friendships, and the frustration of packing (for me it’s mainly the frustration of packing). 

 A.W. Tozer the 30th century prophet said “He waits to be wanted.”  I often think about this statement realizing that God will only show Himself to the ones who seek or in other words move to know Him more.  Does your life look like a continual seeker of righteousness? Is the removal of things that would hinder your understanding of God active? Or are you just satisfied with what you have already found? 

We are entering into a new year, and with a new year comes new commitments, challenges, adversities, and victories.  All over the world a huge portion of people will verbally or silently make New Year’s resolutions; you know a goal for this next year.  What is that goal?  Maybe it’s to be a better student, be a more diligent employee, to work harder on your marriage, lose a few lbs, a commitment to have a savings account, or maybe it’s just to do more in general than the previous year.  All that sound great, but my question is where is God in the list of “more’s?”

In Gen. 22, the Bible tells the story of God wanting to move Abraham into more, but what God asked for was no small task.  God knew that if Abraham was going to move into more it would have to cost him.  What was the cost…simple… everything.  You see for Abraham his son Isaac was his everything, his son, his future, his fulfillment of prophecy, yet God wanted to see if Abraham loved the gift more than the Giver. Isaac was a gift from God to Abraham, and Abraham showed that even though the gift was very special…Nothing was more important than his faithfulness to the Lord. See, Abraham understood the best protection for Isaac was found in doing exactly what God said to do. 

What is God calling you to move or remove from your life?  No doubt it is probably something very important to you.  If we take a lesson from old “father Abraham,” we can see that if you give up what is competing for 1st place in your life, more is waiting for you.  I believe that this is the breakout year for many of you…a time to let go of some things, in order to move into better things.  Don’t be satisfied, get moving into more!

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