Hey everyone, after a year and a half of work, my new book Be the One is finally here. Yes!!! Many have asked me, “Steven, what is the book about?” Honestly, there is so much in this book that it really can’t be defined by just one statement. However, if I had to it would be: “This generation has been beat down with thoughts of inadequacy for far too long.  God is ready to awaken a generation of difference makers.  Be the One is for those who will dare to partner with God and not allow excuses, failure, or hurt to stop them from changing their culture.” In my spirit I know God is going to do great things with this book.  I would love you to partner with me in inciting these young people to step up and be the one. You can do this by spreading the word about the book. Here are a few ideas:

  1. Order the book!!! Go to
  2. Many have offered to change their profile pic on Facebook and Twitter for a few days.
  3. Tell others in your circle of influence about the book
  4. Re-post videos about Be the One on your Facebook.
  5. Go through this book with a group, youth group, life group, etc.(This is a great discipleship product)
  6. Talk to your Pastors, youth leaders, FCA and FCS leaders, ect. Let’s set up a phone meeting with your pastor and myself. (I have a burden to instill the message of being the one God has called this generation to be.)
  7. Pray for open doors for this book.

You can buy yours today by going to the resource tab at Get ready to have your life challenged and changed by the truth in this book as God takes you into more! Please be praying about your involvement in this assignment! Thanks for coming along side me to get this message out. Let’s change the world! In Him, Steven Sexton

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One person, one decision, one opportunity, one message, one vision...

Awaken to the idea that you, yes you, can partner with God to do something exceptional. Christianity was never intended for only a few. The unique gift of Christ was to start the transformation that would lead to a movement. In those who the Truth rests, the responsibility to Be the One is undeniable.

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