Hater blogHave you ever been called a hater? I’m not talking about in a joking, fun manner. I’m talking about for where you stand on biblical issues.  The other day I got into a conversation about homosexuality. As many of you know we are located in Arkansas where a judge just overturned Arkansas’ constitutional ban on gay marriage. On the heels of that the news outlets have been blitzing the story of Michael Sam who is the first openly gay player drafted in the NFL. With all of these news stories making headlines I wanted to share some thoughts.

Right before our eyes our world is changing. We are a post Christian country. Even our own president said “Whatever we once were, we are no longer just a Christian nation; we are also a Jewish nation, a Muslim nation, a Buddhist nation, a Hindu nation, and a nation of nonbelievers.”   With the spiritual climate of our country and the world changing so fast, how do believers respond? Do we just give in, because at the heart of Jesus’ teaching is love? Why fight it, let’s just love and accept what the world offers.  After all, God forbid people say we’re haters or do we stand up and proclaim in a loud voice SINNER! No I’m not sure either of these options are the best.

Morality without God is not a fixed standard. God is unchanging and his standards haven’t changed. Even Jesus said I didn’t come to do away with the law but to fulfill it. Meaning the law is still in tacked but I’ve come so it doesn’t disqualify you from the presence of my father. This is great news that we are no longer required to live perfect lives. When we accept Jesus and follow him, his sacrifice redeems us.  Just like in the Old Testament the children of Israel had to apply the blood to the doorpost in order to be saved (Exodus 12:7).

Did it matter what type of person was in the house? Do you think everyone that had blood on their doorposts were great and moral people? Were there any rebellious, liars, or nasty flesh people in the house? It’s doesn’t say, put I can tell you the important part of the story is not who was in the house but what was on the doorpost. Was there ever a situation where the blood didn’t work because the people in the house were so wicked? NOPE! Not one time.

This is the good news! Jesus’ blood covers those who accept it. Now where the law comes in is that it teaches us how to live. This is a North Star for us. The North Star is a fixed star in the sky that many have used to get to their destination.  Do you want life, liberty, and joy if so this is all based on choices?  We all get off track from time to time. The Ten Commandments and other principles were established to help us honor God, live in peace and love others.

When we ignore His blueprint then we enter into an alternative way to live. We are saying we want what we want without obeying the system He established. This hasn’t just happened with homosexuality, it has happened with health, the Sabbath, marriage, education, government, work ethic, abortion, the needy, and even the preaching of the gospel.

The Bible is clear on each of these issues. On the topic of homosexuality a man and a woman coming together is God’s blueprint. God’s blueprint creates life, the alternative does not. This is easy for us to understand, especially if you’ve been raised in a Bible believing church. I don’t believe the majority of homosexuals want to be gay. Just like many people don’t want to look at porn, be depressed, have anger, or overeat. The problem we are dealing with is evil flesh in all of us. Flesh doesn’t want to be tamed; it doesn’t want to follow any blueprints. This lust of the flesh is powerful, and is led by its desires, not commandments. But all is not lost… Good news alert!!! The blood of Christ covers whatever type of person has called on his name. Whoever applies the blood is free from the control of the flesh. That is black, white, Hispanic, rapist, prideful, religious, racist, homosexual, gossiper, drug dealer or murderer. All can be saved! This is the message of the gospel. Right is right and wrong is wrong, but Jesus covers our wrongs which make us right in God’s sight. Isn’t that beautiful? We are saved if we apply the blood, but how we live in the house is up to us.  God set out a blueprint for us to have peace and joy in the house. Just because you believe God’s blueprint doesn’t mean you’re a hater. Below are four points to leave you with:

1) We are to love people: Jesus has already been crucified. Don’t crucify the person with the nasty flesh, love them. This is why people call us haters because we attack the person and not the issues.

2) We must be informed: We must be believers who can give a ready defense for why we do what we do. Even if people do not understand we still need to know why? We need to know our word so that confusion doesn’t cloud our judgment.

3) You will suffer persecution for honoring God. Jesus was the perfect picture of love and the world killed him for it. If you try to love people by telling them the truth some will accept it but others will hate you for it. The truth reveals many enemies. Stay strong in your faith. Don’t quit loving.

4) The discussion is emotional- A person’s decisions are emotional.  Many in this culture see no absolutes so they can’t understand why you would want to deny their happiness. No one is argued into the kingdom. This is a spiritual issue. While God did give us emotions he never wanted us to be controlled by them. It is best to love and look for an open door for them to apply the blood. Once accepted the teaching can begin.

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